Języki, których uczymy:

Courses for adult learners

Since 1993 we have specialized in teaching English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian and Polish for foreigners. We teach only in small groups, of 4-8 students. We teach general classes, examination courses, and specialist language

To begin a course it is necessary to write an entry test in one of the school offices and/or hold an interview with the school methodologist or the course instructor. If you are already our student and you have successfully completed a course, you do not need do write an entry test. The final semester exam allows you to pass on to the next level. TEST YOUR LEVEL

How we teach
In order for the learning process to be effective, a course must be goal-oriented, and classes must have an attractive form. It is crucial to develop Students’ interest in language learning , considering that it is a long and complex process. LANGUS uses the 6-level scale of language competence developed by the Council of Europe.

How much time do I need to pass from one level to another?
European countries use the Common European Framework of Reference as a common standard to enable educational institutions, employers and students to compare and assess language competence.

What will I get if I enroll on a course at LANGUS?

  • extra 20 hours of conversation classes with a native speaker FREE. If your regular course comprises 60 teaching hours, you will actually have 80 hours of classes.
  • wireless Internet access (at the Warsaw school)
  • supplementary materials (excluding course books)
  • free trial lessons
  • classes at a very high level
  • tea, coffee and cold beverages
  • a folder for course materials and a pen
  • entry test, final test and mid-term test. Free FCE, CAE and CPE mock exams.